Traffic Alerts

Sevilla Avenue

Cordella Ave to 28th St SW

Starts: August 12, 2019
Ends: February 28, 2020

No Access (Detour Posted)

H.M. Miller Construction Co. and the City of Akron continue sewer reconstruction work on Sevilla Ave., between Cordelia Ave. and 28th St. SW.
The intersection of Sevilla Ave. and 30th St. SW has been closed to all traffic.
Local traffic wanting to head northbound from the east end of Sevilla Ave. will be detoured using 28th St. SW, Sarlson Ave., Janis Ave., Flanders Ave., Cory Ave., W. Waterloo Rd. to 30th St. SW. The remaining local traffic at the west end will continue to use Cordelia Ave., Nestor Ave., 28th St. SW and the reverse.
The work at the intersection of Sevilla Ave. and 30th St. SW is expected to be complete by Friday, January 17, but the remaining work on Sevilla Ave. is expected to continue through February 28.