Traffic Alerts
Here you will find current and upcoming City of Akron traffic alerts. Make sure to check back with us often to view the latest updates.
Street Name:Starts:Ends:More Info
Brittain Road
E Tallmadge Ave to Independence Ave
March 2, 2020March 10, 2020View Alert
Brittain Road and Evans Avenue
Surrounding Area
January 21, 2020March 6, 2020View Alert
Chittenden Street
5th Ave to 6th Ave
February 17, 2020April 17, 2020View Alert
Church Street
S Main St to S High St
November 26, 2019May 29, 2020View Alert
Crosby Street and Oakdale Avenue
Surrounding Neighborhood
January 13, 2020April 17, 2020View Alert
Cuyahoga Street
North and South of Peck Rd
May 20, 2019March 31, 2020View Alert
Duane Avenue
Hart St to Chittenden St
March 16, 2020April 17, 2020View Alert
East Aveneue
Kentucky Ave to W Wilbeth Rd
March 4, 2020March 13, 2020View Alert
Eastland Avenue
Wellington Ave to N Case Ave
February 3, 2020March 20, 2020View Alert
Elmdale Avenue and Roslyn Avenue
Surrounding Neighborhood
January 27, 2020April 24, 2020View Alert
Glendale Avenue
Rand Ave to Locust St
April 25, 2016July 31, 2020View Alert
Hazel Street
N Arlington St to Wellington Ave
December 2, 2019March 20, 2020View Alert
Hickory Street
W North St to Memorial Pky
November 4, 2015June 5, 2020View Alert
Mill Street
Ash St to S High St
July 9, 2018June 30, 2020View Alert
North Arlington Street
@ E Market St
March 9, 2020April 17, 2020View Alert
North Case Avenue
Bank St to Eastland Ave
December 2, 2019March 20, 2020View Alert
Opportunity Parkway
Pier Dr to W Cedar St
October 21, 2019April 10, 2020View Alert
Romig Road
I-76 to Vernon Odom Blvd
June 10, 2019June 19, 2020View Alert
Roslyn Avenue and Stoner Street
Surrounding Area
March 16, 2020March 27, 2020View Alert
Sevilla Avenue
Cordella Ave to 28th St SW
August 12, 2019March 20, 2020View Alert
South Arlington Street
E Waterloo Rd to Ericsson Ave
March 4, 2020March 10, 2020View Alert
South Main Street
Market St to Cedar St
July 9, 2018August 28, 2020View Alert
South Maple Street
W Cedar St to Rhodes Ave
March 16, 2020March 20, 2020View Alert
Weeks Street
@ 6th Ave
February 24, 2020June 26, 2020View Alert
Wellington Avenue
Hazel St to Eastland Ave
December 10, 2018September 30, 2020View Alert
West Bowery Street
Quaker St to S Main St
January 10, 2019April 30, 2020View Alert
West Market Street
S Frank Blvd to Bryden Dr
March 9, 2020March 20, 2020View Alert
West State Street Bridge
S Main St to W Bowery St
October 15, 2018May 31, 2020View Alert