White Pond Water and Sewer Extension

White Pond Dr, Scudder Dr, Logan Dr, Auten Dr

Starts: November 2017
Ends: December 2019

Project Description

This project includes the construction of a new 15” sanitary sewer from White Pond Parkway, along White Pond Drive, Scudder Drive, Logan Drive, and Auten Drive. The project also includes an 8” waterline connection from White Pond Parkway to Frank Boulevard.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

Limited lane closures are anticipated on White Pond Drive. Local streets, Scudder Drive, Auten Drive, and Logan Drive will only be open to local traffic.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

This project is being built in conjuncture with the White Pond Parkway project. it will provide sewer and water for future development at the future West Side Office Park.