Uhler Conveyance (CSO Rack 27 & 29)

Cuyahoga St, Uhler Ave, Memorial Pky

Starts: December 2018
Ends: April 2020

Project Description

This project involves replacing and enlarging combined sewer on Cuyahoga Street from CSO Rack 29 near Schultz Street to CSO Rack 30, approximately 900 feet north of Peck Road. New separate storm sewer will also be installed in this area. New combined sewer will be constructed near the intersection of Memorial Parkway and Uhler Avenue to reconfigure CSO Rack 27.  A new aerial utility bridge will be constructed to convey flows from CSO Rack 27 across the Little Cuyahoga River to the Little Cuyahoga Interceptor in the Memorial Parkway Trail Head Parking Lot. The CSO Rack 27, 29, and 30 structures will be reconstructed.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

To be determined.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

This project will convey the combined sewage from wet weather events up to the typical year to the interceptor sewer. This level of control meets the consent decree requirements. This will be achieved by enlarging the combined from Rack 29 to the interceptor on Cuyahoga Street. Rack 27 will require an aerial utility crossing over the Little Cuyahoga River to connect to the interceptor in the vicinity of the Memorial Parkway Trailhead. This project is part of the Integrated Plan.