Tallmadge Avenue

N Main St to Gorge Blvd

Starts: July 2020
Ends: April 2022

Project Description

This project consists of 0.6 miles of roadway and utility improvements along East Tallmadge Avenue including: Full depth asphalt pavement reconstruction, concrete sidewalks and curb, sanitary and storm sewer reconstruction, water main, and signal interconnect. Other improvements include striping for a road diet with bike lanes, and the realignment of Dayton Street.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

Traffic will be maintained through the corridor.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

Benefits include a lasting pavement as the current surface is temporary, safety and congestion improvements with the realignment of Dayton Street, replacement of failing sewers, and replacement of crumbling walks with ADA upgrades.