Romig Road Improvements

I-76 to Vernon Odom Blvd

Starts: June 2019
Ends: October 2020

Project Description

This project consists of full pavement replacement from I-76 to Vernon Odom Boulevard. Improvements include concrete curb construction, sidewalk replacement, sanitary sewer lining and repairs, street light replacement with LED fixtures, traffic signals, concrete apron replacement and street tree installation.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

The project will be built in two phases. Ruhlin will start on the east side of Romig maintaining two way traffic on the west side of the road. Phase two (west side of Romig) will start November of 2019. 

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

This project will improve the infrastructure of Romig Road. The project will revitalize the Romig commercial area for future development.