Traffic Alerts

West Exchange Street (1)

S Portage Path to S Broadway St

Starts: December 1, 2016
Ends: June 30, 2018

Traffic Maintained

SET, Inc., DLZ and the City of Akron continue work on a road diet/signalization project which is located on both W. Cedar and W. Exchange Streets between S. Portage Path and S. Broadway.
SET continues work within the south two lanes of W. Exchange Street between Dart Ave. and S. Maple Street. Traffic has been shifted to the right side of the road. This portion is currently planned to be completed by Friday, October 27.
SET and Don Wartko Construction also continue work on W. Cedar Street. SET is working along the south side of the road between Dart Ave. and Broadway, and Don Wartko continues a portion of a steam condensate project on the north side of it between Akron General Ave. and W. Bowery St. Traffic is being funneled down into the left 2 lanes before Dart Ave., but as Wartko continues their work on the north side of the road, the traffic is being funneled down further into a single lane during non-rush hour times and shifted to the right and back to the left around their work zone. Both contractors plan to have these portions of their projects completed by Friday, October 27.
Drivers are urged to obey all road construction signs and to use caution through all zones as the contractor continues work in the area. Emergency vehicles will have complete access at all times.
This entire project is currently planned to be completed by June 30, 2018.

Associated Projects

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