Traffic Alerts

West Cedar Street

S Portage Path to S Broadway

Starts: March 5, 2018
Ends: November 30, 2018

Traffic Maintained

SET, Inc., DLZ and the City of Akron continue work on a road diet / signalization project which is located on both W. Cedar and W. Exchange Streets between S. Portage Path and S. Broadway.
SET continues work on the north side of E. Exchange St. between S. Main St. and S. Broadway. Traffic is being maintained around the work zones. This work is expected to be complete by October 20.
The contractor continues work along the south side of W. Exchange Street between W. Bowery St. and Akron General Ave. Two lanes of traffic continue to be maintained, but shifted to the north side of the street during this work which is expected to be complete by Friday, October 12.
Striping and landscaping work continues on W. Cedar Street between Rand Ave. and S. Broadway. Traffic will be maintained at all times, but there will be occasional lane closures and shifting of traffic. This work is expected to be complete by Friday, October 19.
Cedar St. is planned to be opened to westbound traffic, between S. Broadway and Water St., beginning Monday, October 1. Drivers are urged to use caution in this area as this new traffic pattern is put into effect.
NOTE: As work on another project is currently underway on the north side of W. Exchange near S. Main St., drivers will need to use extreme caution when they proceed through this area as two lanes of traffic will need to be shifted to the south and back to the north in a fairly short distance.
This project is currently planned to be entirely complete by Friday, November 30.

Associated Projects

Exchange Cedar Signalization