Traffic Alerts

Rand Avenue

Euclid Ave to W Market St

Starts: June 20, 2016
Ends: July 2, 2018

Limited Access

Kenmore Construction, G. Stephens and the City of Akron continue work along Dart and Rand Avenues.
Rand Ave. has been closed between W. Market St. and approximately 700 feet south. Traffic westbound on W. Market St. will be detoured using S. Maple St., W. Cedar St. to Rand Ave. Traffic eastbound on W. Market St. will be detoured using N. Main St., ML King Jr. Blvd to Rand Ave. Traffic on W. Mill St. will be shifted into the left lane before Rand Ave. and will continue south on Rand Ave.
This portion of Rand Ave. is planned to be re-opened by Monday, July 2.
On both, Dart Ave. and Rand Ave., there will be the occasional short term lane closures and shifting of traffic as work continues to be completed.