Traffic Alerts

MLK Jr Boulevard

@ N Howard St/N Main St

Starts: February 6, 2017
Ends: August 4, 2017

No Access (Detour Posted)

Kenmore Construction, G. Stephens, H.R. Gray and the City of Akron have closed the intersection of MLK Jr. Blvd. / N. Howard St. / N. Main St. for the relocation of existing utilities and the lowering of the entire intersection. 

This area will remain entirely closed until July 7, at which time, it will be re-opened for the north and south bound traffic as remaining work at the east and west sides of the intersection continues to be completed. This intersection is planned to be fully re-opened to all traffic by early August 2017. 

For N. Howard St., southbound traffic will be detoured using E. Tallmadge Ave., N. Main St. and E. Market St. 

Local southbound will be detoured using W. North St. to W. Market St.

The northbound traffic will be detoured using E. Market St., Broadway, N. Main St., E. Tallmadge Ave. to N. Howard St.

For MLK Jr. Blvd., east bound traffic is being detoured using the Cedar St./Exchange St. exit from SR-59 E, Dart Ave., W. Market St., Summit St. to Perkins St.

West bound traffic will continue to be detoured using N. High St., E. Market St. to Rand Ave.
Access to Furnace Street for the Northside District businesses will remain available from N. Howard, N. Summit and E. North Streets.
Please remember to drive safely and obey all road construction signs.

Closure and Detour Maps
Closure - Main/Howard/MLK Jr/Perkins
Detour - Howard St northbound
Detour - Howard St southbound
Detour - SR 59 eastbound to N Main St to N Howard St
Detour - Westbound from Rt 8 to SR 59