Traffic Alerts

Dart Avenue

W Exchange St to W Market St

Starts: June 20, 2016
Ends: July 7, 2017

Traffic Maintained

Kenmore Construction, G. Stephens and the City of Akron continue work along Dart and Rand Avenues. Both lanes on each of the streets have been re-opened to traffic, but there may be occasional shifting of traffic as work continues to be completed.
Traffic continues to be maintained on W. Mill St. over SR 59 towards Rand Ave., but has been shifted over onto the right side as other work is being done in the area.
The exit ramp from SR 59 E to Downtown/Cascade Parking/Market St. will remain closed until July 7, 2017. All traffic is being directed off of SR 59 E at the Cedar St./Exchange St. exit ramp and onto Dart Ave. Detour signs have been set up to direct people north on Dart Ave. towards the Downtown exit.
The SR 59 W entrance ramp from Rand Ave./W. Cedar St. will continue to remain closed until July 28 for demolition and re-construction. Traffic is to continue south on Rand Ave. to the next entrance ramp which is located south of Vernon Odom Blvd.
This work is being done in preparation for the final removal of SR 59 between W. Exchange St. and W. Market St.
Signage will continue to be provided to help direct traffic through the construction zones throughout the duration of the project.

Closure and Detour Maps
Closure - SR 59 Innerbelt
Detour - Howard St northbound
Detour - Howard St southbound
Detour - SR 59 eastbound to N Main St to N Howard St
Detour - Westbound from Rt 8 to SR 59