Tallmadge Firestone Sewer Lining

E Tallmadge Ave & Firestone Blvd

Starts: July 2016
Ends: May 2017

Project Description

This project will involve the lining of the north combined sewer on E Tallmadge Ave using the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) process. The limits are State Route 8 to N Main St. A total of 1,680’ of lining is planned. The need for spot repairs will be determined during design. Firestone Blvd has a 72” storm sewer that runs from S Main St to Firestone Pky. The trunk sewer connects to a similar sewer on Firestone Pky that runs from Firestone Blvd to Brookside Dr. This portion of the project will involve lining the existing storm sewer using the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) process.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

Traffic will be maintained at all times.  Traveling lane closures will occur as the lining process progresses.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

This project will increase the life of the sewer, decrease the maintenance costs and increase the capacity of the sewer.