Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction 2017

Locations throughout the city

Starts: October 2018
Ends: October 2019

Project Description

This project involves the rehabilitation of various sanitary and combined sewers, and manholes within the City of Akron, by making point repairs, full replacements, or reconstruction by the CIPP process as part of the City’s annual reconstruction program.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

This project involves lining or point repairs at numerous locations throughout the City. There will be lane closures but no expected road closures or detours expected at this time. The duration of these repairs is expected to be relatively short and limited to a few days, up to a few weeks. 

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

Akron Sewer Maintenance Division operates and maintains about 850 miles of sanitary and combination sewers. The benefit of this project is to maintain the City's existing infrastructure and extend its useful service life, and therefore, deferring the need for the high costs associated with replacement.

Associated Traffic Alerts

East Mill Street
Hampshire Road