Merriman Sewer Separation Rack 36

Merriman Rd

Starts: July 2016
Ends: November 2017

Project Description

This project includes separation of combined sewers and construction of a stormwater wetland in the CSO Rack 36 service area which in general is bounded by Merriman Rd, Kingswood Dr, Newport Rd, Sunnyside Ave, and N Portage Path.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

This project involves sewer separation and will impact traffic in the neighborhood with coordinated closures of Merriman Rd, Eaton Ave, Newport Rd, Mayfair Rd, Genesee Rd, Delaware Ave, Ridgecrest Rd, Sunnyside Ave, Oneida Ave, and Kingswood Dr.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

A major benefit of this project is improved water quality by controlling combined sewer overflows from existing CSO Rack 36. Residents will also see full width pavement restoration on streets where new sewers are being installed. The storm water wetland, which will be constructed at Eaton Ave and Merriman Rd, will provide an additional amenity to the community.

For more information about this project, please visit Akron Waterways Renewed.