City of Akron 2018 Resurfacing Program

Locations throughout the city

Starts: June 2018
Ends: November 2018

Project Description

The 2018 Resurfacing Program consists of removing (milling) and resurfacing (paving) the asphalt surface course on existing asphalt streets. The asphalt surface course of the pavement system (surface course, base course, aggregate base and sub-base) is the wearing course and is designed to protect the rest of the pavement system by taking the everyday wear and tear of weather and traffic. 

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

Limited access traffic will be maintained during both the milling and the paving operations. Signs will be posted on the affected streets in advance of the resurfacing operations. Please remove vehicles and equipment as posted. 

Dollar Value of Project

Approximately $7,000,000

Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

Resurfacing the asphalt streets will provide for additional protection and extend the useful life of the entire pavement system. Resurfacing also provides improved ride quality and reduced maintenance costs of the newly resurfaced streets.