Aqueduct Street Green Improvements

W Market St to Memorial Pky

Starts: July 2017
Ends: October 2018

Project Description

This project consists of approximately 6,000 feet of roadway improvements between West Market Street and Memorial Parkway as well as various rehabilitation work on the existing sewers. Roadway improvements will include full-depth asphalt pavement reconstruction – complete with concrete curb, concrete sidewalks, concrete aprons, inlets, house drains, street trees, green infrastructure and a water main. Green infrastructure will include permeable unit pavement in the parking lane, rain gardens, bioretention, underground storage chambers, under-sidewalk storage, and a dry creek bed. PVC conduit lines will be installed down the length of the project for future “smart” infrastructure. Sewer rehabilitation work will include spot repairs and lining via cured-in-place pipe (CIPP)..

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

This project involves the complete full-depth roadway reconstruction, green infrastructure and water main line construction, sewer lining, sanitary sewer reconstruction. This work is anticipated to result in the closure of various segments of the street throughout the construction season.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

Aqueduct Street will be a “green” and “complete” street after it is reconstructed. Beautiful new pavement, curb, sidewalk and rehabilitated utilities will be complemented by sustainable, responsible green infrastructure that will capture and attenuate stormwater on-site rather than releasing it into the combined sewers during heavy storms. The street will also feature traffic calming features to increase safety in the neighborhood as well as the addition of a dedicated bicycle lane to provide for multi-modal transportation opportunities as well as interconnectivity to Akron’s forever-improving Bicycle surface transportation network.

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Aqueduct Street