Akron Innerbelt (SR59) Oak Park Renewal

Dart Ave and Rand Ave

Starts: May 2016
Ends: November 2018

Project Description

In preparation for closing the Innerbelt in 2017, improvements must be done now to reroute traffic. The project entails the re­routing and re­purposing of about a mile of the Akron Innerbelt (MLK Jr. Blvd) from W Exchange St through the N Howard St/N Main St intersection. Rand Ave and Dart Ave are to be reconstructed from W Cedar St to W Market St. The Innerbelt work south of W Cedar St is to include the removal of ramps (2) and bridges(2). MLK Jr. Blvd is to be reconstructed through the N Howard St/N Main St intersection, this intersection is to be lowered for improved sight distance. The W Center St bridge between Dart Ave and Rand Ave is to be widened and redecked. W State St Bridge is to be removed. A State St cul­de­sac is to be placed near Dart Ave.

The project also is to include a complete reconstruction of storm drainage system, with some new water main extensions and minor sanitary sewer work. New LED street lighting will be placed along all reconstructed streets and three replacement or new traffic signals will be installed.

Anticipated Maintenance of Traffic

  • As of November 15, 2017, all lanes on SR59 will be open for traffic. Upcoming work will focus on the West Center Street bridge until June 2018. Once the Center Street bridge is constructed the state Street bridge will then be removed permanently.
  • Starting on December 4, 2017, an 8 week closure of Rand Avenue from Market St. to the south/west about 500 feet. A vent shaft for the OCIT project will be constructed in the middle of Rand Avenue. Additionally, the OCIT contractor will be installing a deep sanitary sewer across Rand Avenue at this time. Detours will be posted.
  • In the spring of 2018, one final 3 month closure of Rand Avenue will occur from Market Street to approximately 800 feet to the south/west. The contractor at this time will reconstruct the remaining underground utilities, curb, and pavement in this section. Detours will be posted.

Dollar Value of Project


Benefits to Akron Upon Completion of Work

This project is the first phase of reimagining the Innerbelt and will allow for future growth of downtown Akron by ultimately providing 31 acres of developable space. In addition, the 59 corridor has the highest crash ranked segment in the area, including the highest crash ranked intersection at N Main St and SR 59. Upon completion of the project, the corridor will provide a safer roadway system through this area for our citizens.