Update On City Construction At Intersection Of Howard/Main And MLK/Perkins/SR59Monday February 13, 2017

Akron, Ohio, February 10, 2017 – The intersection of Main, Howard, and Perkins Streets and Martin Luther King Boulevard is now closed and will remain closed for the next 150 days, as the City undertakes two construction projects—the Oak Park Renewal Project and the Old Main Sewer Separation (CSO Rack 21) Project.

“This intersection is currently one of the most dangerous intersections in Summit County, and this closure will not only allow the City to complete a sewer separation project, it will greatly improve the safety of this intersection, and allow the City to reclaim a section of the Innerbelt as green space for future Downtown development,” John Moore, Director of Public Service said.

“We are aware that there are longer-than-normal delays on the All-America Bridge (the ‘Y-Bridge’) that connects North Hill with Downtown. We are monitoring traffic patterns and will be adjusting traffic lights, as necessary, to reduce bottle-necking delays at key intersections during rush hour. We appreciate your continued patience as construction moves forward, and encourage travelers to adjust their routes and expected drive times to accommodate these detours,” John Moore said.

“While we understand and share the frustration of motorists, this single closure allows us to strategically combine and complete two major projects and helps us achieve progress in several key areas—sewer infrastructure, traffic safety, neighborhood connection and downtown development,” Mayor Horrigan said.

For more information, please visit or call the Mayor’s Action Center at (330) 375-2311 or 3-1-1.