As you may have noticed, there are a lot of changes going on in Akron! We want to keep everyone informed. In order to do so, we’re introducing DriveAkron, a City of Akron initiative to help us communicate the status of the ongoing improvements and share the excitement as Akron builds momentum for a better tomorrow. With DriveAkron, it’s easy to keep you up-to-date on construction projects and traffic alerts, so you can still get where you’re going, whether it’s to school, work or anywhere else around the City.

DriveAkron will also be a hub for sharing our visionary ideas for infrastructure improvements, like how we plan to reimagine the Innerbelt and more detailed plans on a future bike park downtown. So stay tuned, there's a lot of exciting momentum in our great City.

Also, please check out Akron Waterways Renewed to learn more about the sewer construction going on in Akron.

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ODOT Beginning Right-Sized Road Improvements On Tallmadge Avenue Wednesday August 30, 2017 The Ohio Department of Transportation is currently resurfacing a section of Tallmadge Avenue between the limits of Main Street and State Route 8. As part of this roadway resurfacing, a new striping plan will be implemented. Read More > City Of Akron Sells 1.4 Acres To Ohio Pure Foods To Retain 82 Akron Jobs Tuesday July 18, 2017 Mayor Horrigan introduced and Akron City Council approved the sale of 1.4 acres of City-owned land off West Waterloo Road to Ohio Pure Foods for a warehouse expansion. The land sale will retain 82 Akron jobs and is expected to result in the creation of additional Akron jobs. Read More > Mayor Horrigan Announces $17 Million Savings On AWR! Project Through Interest Rate Reduction Friday July 7, 2017 Mayor Horrigan announced that the City of Akron received a reduced interest rate on the Howard Storage Basin (CSO Rack 22) project, through the State of Ohio Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Discount program. Read More > AWR! Begins Work On Carpenter Sewer Separation (CSO Rack 30) Project Friday July 7, 2017 Akron Waterways Renewed! (AWR!) began work on Cuyahoga Street for the Carpenter Sewer Separation (CSO Rack 30) project. This $2.3 million Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-mandated project, which will eliminate combined sewer overflows in this area, will continue until November 2017. Read More > Akron Launches Residential Property Tax Abatement Program Wednesday July 5, 2017 Mayor Dan Horrigan is proud to announce that the State of Ohio has approved the City of Akron’s residential tax abatement program, and applications for tax abatement are now available for property owners who have completed qualifying renovations or new home construction. Tax abatement allows Akron homeowners and neighborhoods to enjoy the benefits of new home investment without immediately paying a higher tax bill. Read More > $7.5 Million Funding Award Allows City To Replace Downtown State Street Bridge In Connection With Main Street Promenade Project Tuesday June 27, 2017 Mayor Horrigan announced that the City of Akron will receive $7.5 million in Federal Bridge money to replace the State Street Bridge that runs between Water Street and Main Street. The bridge replacement—being performed in connection with the TIGER-funded renovation of the Main Street Promenade—will be completed between 2018 and 2019. Read More > Mayor Horrigan Announces Proposal For ¼% Income Tax Increase To Fund Public Safety & Roads Thursday June 22, 2017 Mayor Horrigan announced his proposal for a ¼% earned income tax increase to fund capital and operating needs for police, fire/EMS, public service and roads in the City of Akron. The income tax proposal, if passed by City Council, would be placed on the November 7, 2017 ballot for approval by Akron voters. Read More > Akron Receives National Recognition For Its Efforts To End Veteran Homelessness Friday May 26, 2017 Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan announces that the City has earned a functional zero designation from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The designation is the result of the work of the seven-member, community-wide Veterans Functional Zero Group that created a process to identify Akron-area homeless veterans and help find them housing. Akron is one of less than 50 communities in the nation to receive the designation. Read More > City To Realign Kenilworth / Elmdale / West Market Street Intersection SUM18 – Hawkins To Portage Path Tuesday May 16, 2017 This summer, the City of Akron will be reconfiguring the intersection of Kenilworth Drive, Elmdale Avenue and West Market Street, as part of the West Market Street Signalization Project (SUM 18 – Hawkins to Portage Path). The existing intersection is offset and utilizes a splitter island on Elmdale Avenue and two separate traffic signals to direct traffic. Read More > Cedar And Exchange Street Complete Streets Project Will Now Include Partial Conversion To Two-Way Traffic Monday February 27, 2017 The City’s Complete Streets Project on Exchange and Cedar Streets (between Broadway Street and Portage Path) is being modified to open several blocks of Exchange Street and a small section of Cedar Street to two-way traffic. In order to provide better access to the downtown hospitals, Exchange Street will become two-way between Broadway and Rand Avenue and remain one-way between Rand and Rhodes Avenues. Cedar Street will become two-way between Broadway and Water Street, and remain one-way between Water and Rhodes Avenue. Read More >