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The City of Akron began construction activities for the first phase of the Main Street Corridor Project on Monday July 9, 2018.  All southbound lanes of Main Street from East Market Street to University Avenue are now closed for construction, however LOCAL BUSINESSES ARE OPEN and pedestrian traffic will be maintained throughout the duration of the project. Northbound traffic on Main Street will be maintained throughout these limits. Users who normally travel south on South Main Street should use South High Street to access Mill Street or Bowery Street. Mill Street and Bowery Street will be open east and west through Main Street.

The project will be completed through several phases and is a complete street design encompassing amenities for all users including pedestrians, bicycles, transit users, and vehicles. Improvements include new pavement, sidewalk, cycletrack, utilities, signalization, lighting, landscaping and more. A roundabout will be built at the intersection of Mill/Main, and two mid-block crossings for pedestrians will be built. Also included are green infrastructure improvements including permeable pavement in the parking lanes.

The Main Street Corridor Project is designed to:

  • Provide “Ladders of Opportunity” by increasing access to education, jobs and opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Construct a welcoming gateway to those who live, work, play in Downtown Akron
  • Transform the corridor with a context-sensitive designthat enhances accessibility among all modes of transportation while increasing safety, productivity and public health
  • Serve as a fulcrum that leverages private reinvestment to adjacent vacant and blighted structures and promotes the high-density, mixed-use development of underutilized parcels
  • Steward ecological resources by increasing energy efficiency and incorporating green infrastructure
  • Promote infill storefront redevelopment for local independent niche/boutique retailers by activating the streetscape and generating additional foot traffic in Downtown Akron
  • Boost the efficiency of existing transportation investments by building on momentum resulting from recent adjacent infrastructure investments
  • Produce a model for regional collaboration and strategic investment through synergetic public-private partnerships.



Construction Progress:

-Top soil placed in planters on the west side of S Main St in phase 1A.

-Concrete placed for planters on east side of S Main St in phase 1B.

-Drive aprons for Summit County Library and Maiden Lane formed and concrete placed in phase 1B.

-Install steam line from west abutment of State St Bridge to AES manhole 110 in phase 2A.

-Water line to stadium rerouted to make room for condensate return line install to RubberDucks Stadium on phase 3A.

-Excavate for chilled water and condensate lines in phase 4A.

-Placed concrete for OhioEdison manhole on southwest corner of Bowery St and Main St in phase 4A.


Two Week Look Ahead:

-Continue placing concrete for sidewalk and planter curbs in phase 1B.

-Install conduit for OhioEdison and AT&T in phase 2A.

-Place concrete for west side bridge approach slab in phase 2A.

-Transfer water services to new water main in phase 3A.

-Install condensate return line to RubberDucks Stadium in phase 3A.

-Install condensate return and chilled water lines in phase 4A.

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